Our Story

Our main location: 
1st floor 239 Opawa Road, Christchurch NZ

Who we are

Christchurch Budget Service Trust is a Charitable Trust that has been helping people in the wider Christchurch area to improve their financial wellbeing. Originally formed in 1967 as an incorporated society with the objective of enabling clients to learn how to manage their money more effectively. With increasing financial complexity we moved from using volunteer financial mentors to now having full time paid staff.

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Our Trust is governed by a Board of Trustees who volunteer their time to guide the organisation by making strategic decisions to ensure that the Christchurch Budget Service meets the financial well being goals of our targeted Christchurch wide communities and that we are responsive and interact with those communities.

Our Trust chair is appointed annually and the management of the organisation is entrusted to the staff on a monthly rotating basis. Any administrative contact should be made to walaa@chchbudget.org.nz while any media comment on current issues will be through fran@chchbudget.org.nz . Our current Trust chair can be contacted should there be an issue relating to the Trust on murrayspackman@xtra.co.nz

Our Partners

Our ability to offer our free services is thanks to our kind and generous supporters through the contracts, grants or donations received. These include

We also thank the following organisations for offering sponsorship or in kind support exceeding $500.