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1st floor 239 Opawa Road, Christchurch NZ

We are fortunate to have financial mentors who have the necessary social, economic and financial literacy and practical understanding of how the labour market and various forms of employment impact on individuals and families.

Our financial mentors


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I have been involved in the sector for over 20 years, first as a volunteer then a paid employee. I am passionate about helping people to sort out their finances and achieve their goals. My area of expertise is around small business having completed a Diploma in Business and having run a small family business with payroll, administration tasks etc. My interests are in small business, the importance of KiwiSaver, savings in general, first home buyers, tenancy issues, planning for retirement, working with seniors.


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I have a background in social work and firmly believe that “knowledge is power”. As a financial mentor this means ensuring people can be in control of their finances, have a financial plan and the information to make the best decisions.

Financial resilience just means MORE choices; for day-to-day budgeting and our goals & dreams.

I enjoy working to ensure my clients are treated fairly & respectfully by banks, creditors, statutory organizations etc.


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Working in various financial service roles over the years has allowed me to understand what is important to myself within my work.

I want to see everyone make “good” financial decisions for themselves and their households (no matter their financial situation), based on what is truly important to them.

I’ve found a key part of being happy is the removal (as much as possible) of financial stress.



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Proudly a part of the CBST financial mentors’ team, I bring my accounting background and passion to help people. I am under training to enhance my skills.

I am committed to providing financial guidance to help you reach your goals. My diverse journey from Egypt to New Zealand showcases a life enriched with cultural experiences, having lived in multiple Middle Eastern countries with my family, providing me a unique perspective on societies and ways of life.



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I am the coordinator of the Kaimahi-CBST Programme. With a UC Master’s degree and over five years of coordination experience, I am dedicated to empowering individuals and fostering positive change within our community.

Embracing the power of diversity and inclusivity, my vision for the Kaimahi-CBST Programme is to create a supportive, multicultural environment where individuals from various backgrounds feel valued and empowered. Together, we will overcome cultural and social barriers, offering tailored support to individuals seeking employment or entrepreneurship.