We provide guidance to enable you to make good financial decisions

We provide guidance, information & tools for you to make good financial decisions for yourself/family (whānau). Having a financial plan/direction/goal is important, no matter what your situation might be.

Contact us and let’s get the process started. It’s of no cost to you. We welcome people of all cultures and faiths.

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Are you:

In financial difficulty?

Needing budgeting advice?

Wanting to reduce financial stress?

Needing financial guidance?

Looking for debt relief?

Seeking a financial check-up?

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Then see our trained & experienced financial mentors (budget advisors) who will be able to guide you. They offer FREE confidential and non-judgemental guidance that will enable you to understand and improve your financial situation.

If you have an existing small/micro business or have contracted work (self-employed), and would like a review, we may be able to help. There may be options you haven’t considered.

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